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The Experience ®

It is the result of the cooperation between Garbellotto mastercoopers and the expert winemaker Roberto Cipresso.

The name refer to the broad meaning of the word “experience” as a re-interpretation of fermentation in wood. This traditional technique, allows the production of musts with color and aroma more stable and clean thanks to the dual effect of micro-oxygenation combined with the exchange of natural tannins during the fermentation.

The capacity is 1.000 liters, suitable for those who are not used to realize the fermentation in wood to gradually come nearer to this practice, and at the same time to give to whom normally uses the barrel a more practical instrument that guarantees the same result on the wine.

At the end of harvest, The Experience ® can be used as a container for aging, thanks to an exchange surface similar to a tonneaux of 500 lt and to the perfect seal, guaranteed by a special gasket and closing system.

The trunk conical shape, designed so that the height is lower than the width, has an effect on the floating force contemplated by Archimedes’s principle, blocking the thrust upwards of the cap. It ‘also available a practical kit to keep the cap submerged during fermentation and an optional which allows the stacking of two units.

The top roof is made in stainless steel 18/10 AISI 316 mirror polished, with handles to open it and a central opening of 160 mm for filling up during aging. During fermentation, this top can be completely removed for more practical processing with an wide opening of 1200 mm.

The Experience ® is also equipped with stainless steel supports to allow an easy handling and lifting. These supports are firmly anchored to the wood frame, so that it is possible dumping the must directly into the press.

The Experience ® can be stacked, even full, thanks to a specific optional.

External measures of The Experience ® 1.000 lt:

Stave length: 1100 mm
Maximal diameter: 1300 mm
Stave and head thickness: 55 mm

Pouring system