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Garbellotto Assistance

Due to their special nature, all our wooden vessels come with a warranty and technical assistance. We have set-up an assistance service with our coopers who, equipped with mobile workshops, guarantee rapid response both in Italy and abroad, where we often have equipped, local service teams in place. Periodically visit insular Italy, while our collaborators work directly on site providing assistance to customers located in the islands and other states.

We follow our customers not only before and during the sale, but also for the entire duration of the barrel. In fact, we are available to carry out any kind of intervention such as:

  • Regeneration of used barrels, which we carry out directly in the winery (in easier cases) or in our factory,  removing 5-8 mm of wood to renew the barrel;
  • Application of stainless steel fittings on site;
  • Repair of old barrels: replacement of staves, hoops and the like;
  • Chemical analysis to check for possible contaminations;
  • Advice on washing, limescale removal and sterilisation.

Our customer service is also available to appraise old barrels

Garbellotto S.p.A. offers an efficient customer service. Fill in the form to contact our service department.

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