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Wooden Vinificator digitally controlled

The combination of century-old cooper art and new technologies has made it possible to create casks and vats that check and manage the internal temperature in real time.



– Measures and manages the temperature of the liquid

– connection  to the company WIFI network and can send e-mails of the measured data

– connection to project management software

– connections with PLC devices already present in the company

– (with optional accessory) Send email when casks and vats need to be filled

– (with optional accessory) Measure acidity/ph


Available versions:

– Electric: The vat is equipped with an electric resistance used to heat the liquid.

– Plate: The vat is equipped with plates for thermo conditioning to be connected to the cellar system. A solenoid valve controlled by the centralized system is opened and closed autonomously to regulate the temperature of the liquid in the cask / vat.

– External: The vat controls an external device / system by activating an electrical relay. It can be connected to different types of machinery.



Contact:; or +39 0438 366411